Website: About the “About Me” Page

It's simple, but it works!

It’s simple, but it works!

2013 is starting off really well. Half a dozen blog topics in the queue, a YA book to finish reviewing, two new photo gigs on the horizon, and a logo for watermarks and documents.

So, what’s next on the blog front? Review the “About” page, of course! I opened the placeholder provided by WordPress and was instantly struck with the dreaded Blank Page Syndrome. I couldn’t figure out what people would really want to know. And once I started on a path, the text fell flat or dragged on and on.

Maybe reading a few other “About” pages would help? Luckily, Google knew better than me on this one and recommended a few links that delved into what people might be looking for, rather than just telling me about themselves.

I thought these were the most helpful:

  • To the point (even though it took some searching to find their “About” page): ProBlogger
  • Nice breakdown, even if not terribly surprising: Mistakes on your About Page
  • The last one is what I’ll be reviewing again as I draft my own About page. These guys pulled samples from across the Internet and provided some pros/cons: Top Online About Pages

Ultimately, this exercise helped confirm that shorter is better and that I need a decent profile photo. Wish me luck and thanks for following along with the start up!